To those of you who have been to the Five Finger Lighthouse, you already know it’s value.  For those of you who have not… I would like to introduce you to an amazing place.

Nestled on a three acre island in Frederick Sound, Southeast Alaska surrounded by seabirds and marine mammals you’ll find the Five Finger Lighthouse. Since 1902 this lighthouse has lit the way for mariners, miners, and explorers of the great North. The white walls beneath the cupola stand as a beacon of safety, and for many, of us houses the light that guides us home along our Alaskan marine highway.

Our lighthouse is unique. It was both the first and last manned lighthouse in Southeast Alaska. Written into the walls of the structure are the names of the men who manned the light through winter storms, and written into the log books are their stories. But the era of manned lighthouses has passed, and with it the role of the Five Finger Lighthouse changed.

The Juneau Lighthouse Association took over the care of the Five Finger Lighthouse after it was automated by the Coast Guard in the 1990’s . We made the commitment to preserve and protect this historic landmark at a time when lighthouses around the country were closing. In the years since our non-profit was formed we have restored the lighthouse, cleaned the grounds, and built partnerships with scientists, artists, educators, and mariners. Because, as we firmly believe, use preserves.

The Juneau Lighthouse Association partnered with the Alaska Whale Foundation in 2002 to establish a marine mammal research station on the island. The waters adjacent to the island are among the most biologically productive in the world. Our island hosts humpback whales, killer whales, Dall’s porpoise, harbor seals, stellar sea lions, and a cacophony of nesting seabirds. From the lighthouse tower researchers can peer around an active bald eagle’s nest to monitor the behavior and distribution of humpback whales as they forage in Frederick Sound; from our moored hydrophone researchers are listening too.

For over a hundred years the Five Finger Lighthouse has supported travellers in the Inside Passage. Today we ask for your support to keep this historical structure and important marine station maintained. Our lighthouse is in desperate need of weather resistant paint, repairs to our plumbing and electrical systems, and vessel fuel to transport volunteers to and from the island. Donations are tax deductible, and any amount toward out $5000.00 annual goal would be greatly appreciated. It is your donations keeps this lighthouse open.

Donations can be made by cash, check, or right here.

With kind regards,

Michelle Fournet, Board Member

Juneau Lighthouse Association

Vista vs. the Sunset

View from Five Finger Lighthouse