Outreach, Education, Engagement

Underlying each of my acoustic ecology projects is a strong commitment to (1) disseminating information to the scientific community, (2) engaging the public to participate in and learn about science, and (3) invite students at all stages of their education to use acoustic ecology as a platform with which to investigate the natural world.

To this end I participate whenever possible in scientific conferences and public lectures; I also welcome opportunities to talk about my work on radio, television, or through online media.  As part of a proven mandate to create opportunities for students in research I have also developed multiple internship and mentorship programs through Oregon State University and the Alaska Whale Foundation. Through these programs I have personally supervised 25 students participating in applied field research in Southeast Alaska.  For more information on internship opportunities or to learn more about students who have worked with me in the past please visit the Internships Page or the Rapunzel Project Page.

Below is an abbreviated list of educational activities that I have developed or participated in with academic institutions, and federal or non-profit collaborators.

09/2018-Present: Nature Ecology and Evolution, blogger  (see posts here)

04/2017-Present: Meet the Ocean: Contributing Scientist (501c(3), science communication and education non-profit

04/2013-04/2017: National Ocean Science Bowl: Science Judge (2013 & 2015), Moderator (2014), Keynote Speaker (2017)

09/2016-09-2017: OSU Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Programs Committee

02/2016: OSU Department of Fisheries and Wildlife: Undergraduate sound analysis workshop

06/2015-2017L NPS 5th Grade Podcast Series: Educator, Scientist & Curriculum Development

11/2014-04/2016: OSU Fisheries and Wildlife Undergraduate Mentor Program: Mentorship Coordinator and Co-Founder

01/2015-12/2015 : Jewish Day School Science & Math Series: Invited Educator, 2015 K-8th Grade Science Correspondent

04/2015: OSU, Fisheries and Wildlife Mentorship Program: Undergraduate proposal writing & funding workshop

02/2014: Science Palooza- Newport High School: Educator, Scientist

5/2013-9/2013: Alaska Whale Foundation Lecturer : Circuit lecturer, 10+ public lectures

08/2009- 04/2010: Alaska Discovery Southeast: Educational Naturalist – Elementary school

09/2009-12/2000: Marine Mammals in the Classroom- Juneau Public Schools: Educator – Elementary school



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